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the first network of Italian research laboratories focused on the innovation in agriculture and agri-food industry.

CSAgri can help agri-food companies to improve production processes, to consume less, reuse, simplify. In other words, to catch all valuable opportunities. Or to become larger. To make this happen CSAgri offers specific and multi-disciplinary skills, and the capacity to transfer solutions from one supply chain to another.


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CSAgri specializes in the innovation of agricultural and agro-industrial production processes as well as in multi-disciplinary areas throughout the agri-food sector: energy; environment; safety, traceability and quality.

CSAgri comes from ENEA, the National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, in collaboration with Federalimentare, Confagricultura and the In.Bio Consortium (business incubator), with an inclusive approach towards public and private sector entities who care about technology transfer aimed at the innovation and enhanced competitiveness of enterprises within the agri-food sector.